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MCH ProCare Clinic at Walmart West at 2450 NW Loop 338 in Odessa, Texas

MCH ProCare Clinic at Walmart West is healthcare, which located in Texas. They address is 2450 NW Loop 338.
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Phone: +1 432-332-2695


2450 NW Loop 338,
Odessa, Texas
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Customer Reviews about MCH ProCare Clinic at Walmart West

  • Fast, convenient, professional I called ahead and the receptionist was very polite over the phone. I walked in, and to my surprise there REALLY was no one waiting. I appreciated the receptionists honesty. So many times, other clinics say there is no one in line, and you show up only to be number 999 in line. The sign in sheet was easy to fill out, my insurance was ran very quickly, and within minutes i paid a co-pay, and was called back. The FNP on duty was very informative and took time to ask lots of question about what and how long I was experiencing symptoms. I was in and out within 30 minutes. I was treated over a work break, and still had time to grab something to eat.
    April 23, 2017
    by Monique Sellers
  • ✪ ✪ ✪
    Wow! DO NOT USE THIS CLINIC!!! If the Dr's med skills are as good as the crappy receptionist, you won't make it out! I've never in my 46 years seen a "medical professional" with less empathy or people skills than Shayla... the so-called receptionist. She couldn't have made it more clear that I simply don't matter, and she all but said exactly that! I called and spoke with Shayla, the so-called receptionist, and she told me that they start seeing the last patient at 6:30. Well, I was there at 5:40 and she simply told me that someone got there before me and I couldn't be seen now because I might go past 6:30 because of them. She told me that I sgould have gotten there sooner. WHAT?!! Sooner? What th...? She literally couldn't care less that I was in severe pain... she shrugged with a hearty "oh well..."! I guess that's what you get when you seek medical treatment at Wal-Mart... a clearance-aisle scrub receptionist with an "I hate my life so you have to be miserable too" attitude! Thanks, Shayla... because of your crappy patient handling, I went across town to a real doctor with a real receptionist who knows how to treat people, and I got professional treatment by someone who has real training and who wasn't recruited from Wataburger! I am a chiropractor, and if anyone on my staff treated ANYONE in that manner, they would be dismissed immediately! You need training in empathy and patient handling.
    January 04, 2017
    by Eldon Walters
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About MCH ProCare Clinic at Walmart West in Odessa

MCH ProCare Clinic at Walmart West is located at 2450 NW Loop 338, Odessa, Texas.